Caring for Kids

Kiwanis Glenelg working with the Treasure Boxes Organisation

When poverty, homelessness and domestic violence create an uncertain, sometimes dangerous home environment, many South Australian families struggle to provide their kids with the essentials of life; bedding, clothes, toys, toiletries, even regular meals.

From this troubling reality, Treasure Boxes came to be – a team of caring, like-minded people, dedicated to preventing hardship and trauma by providing kids in need with critical items many of us take for granted. From their bustling warehouse headquarters, Treasure Boxes arranges the donation, collection and delivery of those childhood essentials, including cots, prams, highchairs and clothes. Driven by this profound purpose, this friendly, professional organisation seeks to empower others, creating positive change within the community – at the same time ensuring valuable, high quality resources don’t go to waste.

Kiwanis Glenelg regularly donates funding to Treasure Boxes to assist when they are critically short of essentials, particular baby nappies and children’s toiletries. Members also bring a gift to donate at Christmas time. We have members who also volunteer at Treasure Boxes – sorting clothing and other goods and members who work in the men’s shed, where items to be donated need to be checked before the donation happens.

Kiwanis Terrific Kids

What is Terrific Kids?

Terrific Kids is a student-recognition program that promotes character development, self-esteem and perseverance. “Terrific” is an acronym for Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive and Caring.

Glenelg Club awards Terrific Kids with a certificate, book voucher from Dymocks and bookmark in a branded bag! We are currently sponsoring the following Kiwanis Terrific Kids schools:

  • West Beach Primary School
  • Henley Beach Primary School
  • Fulham North Primary School
  • Glenelg Primary School

Two children at the end of terms 2 and 4 from each of those schools receive the bag with the goodies.

We also Award students annually at these schools:

  • Springbank Secondary College
  • Kilparrin Teaching and Assessment School and Services

Smith Family Sponsorship

Our Glenelg Club also sponsors two children through The Smith Family. The children we sponsor are now in high school and we have been with them all the way through their school years. The Smith Family is an Australian, independent non-profit children’s charity whose goal is to create opportunities for disadvantaged Australian children and their families and encourage them to participate more fully in society, using education as a key tool.


We also assist where there is an individual need. As an example, we have held Quiz Nights and the proceeds of go towards providing Frame Runners (also known as Race Runners) to children with cerebral palsy. A Frame Runner trike is a custom built three-wheeled frame where the runner is fully supported by a saddle and leans against a chest support, propelling themselves forward by the feet (one or both), while using the hands and/or arms to steer. Participating in Frame Running provides each individual the freedom to move and run in a supported and balanced way without a walker, wheelchair or similar device. Race Running is a liberating sport and is available for those aged 3 – 103 who have impaired balance, be that cerebral palsy, brain injury, high leg amputations, arthritis, Parkinsons and many other balance impairments.

There are many other examples of ways in which our club has helped children, ranging from equipment to help children who are blind, be it sporting or computers, wheelchairs, helping build sensory playgrounds, donations to Treasure Boxes, Arthritis for Kids, Backpacks4Kids, DEBRA, Little Heroes, Childhood Cancer and so much more.

We also fund 2 teams of children to attend Kiwanis Camp Amity which is an annual camp for disabled girls who attend with a Girl Guide carer.

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